Our School Motto

Kindness matters.

Click on the image to see the posters students created to celebrate Martin Luther King.

Whether you are a new or returning family, welcome to Happy Hollow School! This website was prepared to provide answers to some questions you may have.

The Happy Hollow School focuses on basic academic skills in a caring and nurturing environment, while providing exploration opportunities in the arts. The school’s CORE Values promote a learning community and challenges students: 
CORE Values and Mission Statement
The Happy Hollow School is a place where:
  1. We treat all people - teachers, students, and ourselves - with courtesy and respect.
  2. We care for one another, our country and world.
  3. We are friendly and cooperative with others.
  4. We know right from wrong and take responsibility for our actions.
  5. Everyone is safe and has a feeling of belonging.
  6. Everyone can learn and strive for excellence.
  7. Everyone’s health is improved through vigorous activity.
  8. We try our best, take risks and learn from our mistakes.
  9. We feel successful when we work hard and learn new skills.

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Happy Hallow
  May 2015  
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Upcoming Events
   HH 5th Grade Play
   May 28 2015
   PARCC makeup
   May 29 2015
   Spring String Thing
   Jun 01 2015
   Grand Band
   Jun 02 2015
   HH PTO Book Fair
   Jun 08 2015